From Oct 25th on I will be showing pieces of my project about traditional craft in the Kunstverein zu Rostock. This group exhibition shows works of the six scholarship holders residing in the Schleswig-Holstein-Haus during the last two years. Be welcome!

Schmied Wilfried Fischer

Blacksmith W. Fischer (4th generation)




Ósk from Mr. Destiny taking a break during preparations for the Rammstein concert at Korinn arena in Reykjavík in May 2017.

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Sven-Göran HallonquistSven-Göran Hallonquist

In March I visited Sven-Göran Hallonqvist, physician, in Stockholm and portrayed him for an article about Dag Hammarskjöld for the German weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT. Sven-Göran Hallonqvist is the son of Per-Erik Hallonqvist, who flew the Albertina with Hammarskjöld, Secretary-General of the UN, when it crashed in Zambia in 1961.

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Margrét Erla Maack & Sirkus Íslands


Margrét, the head of the one and only Icelandic circus ‘Sirkus Íslands’.

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Opening “Im Angesicht” in Rostock

Be welcome to tomorrow night’s opening of the portrait photo exhibition “Im Angesicht – Positionen zur Porträtfotografie” at the Galerie Amberg 13 in Rostock. Eleven photographers, amongst other Gerhard Weber and Hans Pölkow, are showing some of their works. I was invited to be showing my portraits of inuit I met in Greenland. Would be nice to see some of you! The exhibition will then be showing until February 19th. Welcome!

Maria Geisler

Arctic faces

So glad that my ongoing story about the different faces of the Arctic has made it into the Swedish magazine “Effekt”. Text by Annika Hallman, 3/2016.




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New homepage

It was about time and now it has seen the light of the world wide web: my new homepage. There you can even find my ongoing project about the Arctic for the first time online. Have a look at www.mareiketimm.com

Arctic Faces


Gunilla Palmstierna-Weiss

“Sie sind dabei, eines der revolutionärsten Theater der Gegenwart zu begründen.” (You are about to establish one of the most revolutionary theatre of our time,) Peter Weiss and Gunilla Palmstierna-Weiss wrote to the Volkstheater Rostock in 1968. On occasion of the Peter-Weiss-week Gunilla Palmstierna-Weiss visited Rostock this week. The director of the theatre, Sewan Latchinian, showed her to her and Peter Weiss’ old place of work.

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Olga Hario, Finnish director

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It feels like it was ages ago since the last update, so here is some work I have been doing for the Swedish news magazine FOKUS the first six months of this year.

Johannes Bah Kuhnke, Swedish actor and musical singer.

Moa Gammel

Swedish actress Moa Gammel, photographed for FOKUS.

Photos for two culture articles.

The Social Democratic politicians Mikael Damberg, Magdalena Andersson, Stefan Löfven and Carin Jämtin meet for cake and coffee after this year’s first debate at the Swedish Parliament.

Social Democratic politician Mikael Damberg and Roger Syrén during a meeting at their office in Stockholm.

A cover shot for FOKUS.

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Swamp Soccer

Wanted to go to Icelands beautiful Westfjords for some hiking and tenting but ended up at the European Championship in Swamp Soccer instead. It was the weekend in August when the small town of Ísafjörður turns into a bustling city, attracting as many visitors as there are people living in town.

Swedish newspaper, Borås Tidning, was interested in publishing my reportage.

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179 years

I think of moments when I came across people on the street. People I would have loved to photograph, but did not for some reason. Probably assuming they wouldn’t like to be photographed. Why, I don’t know. It’s a strange thing to think. People like to be noticed and often feel flattered when you take their picture. Anne and Rudolf, who I met during a short trip to Rostock last week, didn’t mind. And I’m glad I took up my camera. They gladly told me about their lives. They “have seen it all”, as Rudolf says. Anne is 90 years, Rudolf one year younger and their marriage has lasted over the past 66 years. I’m happy that I have some pictures of them, and not only in my memory stored under passed moments as so many times before.

Gern wär ich wie die Möwe frei,
frei von Bedenken, frei von Sorgen,
mein Flügelschlag trägt mich herbei,
zu dir und bis zum nächsten Morgen.

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Halibut fishing in Greenland

Halibut fishing in Greenland

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Hotel Arctic

An evening in the kitchen of the world’s northernmost 4 star hotel – Hotel Arctic in Ilulissat, Greenland.

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